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  This is non-linear visual novel about a guy(You) that is bullied, poor, lonely, and generally shamed upon.  He then finds a tooth with a demon attached to it. Your now working with the demon to make your life better while also befriending him .  What awaits you in the better aspect of life? Will you be able to thrive? And most importantly who will step up to the plate to take a shot with the broken kid? 

Telegram - @FluffyWuffy

Kik - BlueBerryBearBoi 

Helper list ----

TGR - Helped decide name/and her fursona is Max (the roommate) and part of the story line

AnnieStar - Helped decide name for game and some of the roles of the character

Also please comment if there was any problems/bugs with the game or how you think the game was!

(https://discord.gg/vXmS9c) <------- Discord Server (Help & Hangout)

*****Update Sceduel!***** - Updates are released each month at the tend of the month. So make sure you check in at the end of the month to see whats changed!


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Development log


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Mr.Owens is high-key creepy and ya'll need to fix that.

Bruh fuck u mean y'all? This shit is a one man prod, and how exactly is he creepy? Like the way he looks or?? 

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I have to agree with him owen is creepy his art and comments kinda the one i dont want to interact with at all

Can you please give me an example where u thought he was being creepy? It would help me fix it.

Ok, I didn't know that it was a one-man project and I'm sorry about that.  Also, just saying, your grammar could be a little bit more accurate.  And how is Mr. Owens NOT creepy? First of all, he tries to hang out with a student, which is illegal, and second, He drives a student home, where he lives, and third, just giving off totally creepy vibes.

ik my grammar is shit, im still learning grammar, first its not illegal for teachers to do that, they can do that when ever they want too, and second why tf did u choose that route if u thought he was creepy???

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He is odd but you are right don't choose his route if you don't like him and we still don't know who old the mc is and teacher can do that. So saying it is illegal doesn't make sense.

Thank you, and the MC is 18, I don't outright say it but I will/have said he is a senior and about 90% of the time seniors are 18+

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woah that menu music is intense, i legit let it play for few minutes before starting the game \m/
what are the "special codes" asked when starting a new game?
imo i don't think you need a new artist, I dig this art style shown here as its very unique.
there's an issue, even if I choose no to eating with the daddy bear math teacher for Day 2, no matter what when heading home after school to make sigils the main character always goes back to eat with them like if i had agreed to eating with him prior O.o
so besides that problem,  love the game so far :D

edit: i found a past comment of what special codes are, no need to explain. also that's fuckin awesome im all for it haha
for those that don't know, it'll be cheat codes and the dev gave an example of 10 affection points to all characters starting out :3

thankies, on the error, do you mean that even if you never agreed to eat with Owen, you end up doing it anyways? (Btw thank you for telling me instead of just letting it slide) 

yep exactly that, i coulda worded that easier welp...

heh, it's alright at least u told me

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My handy has Trouble parsing the Apk file

What do u mean handy? And plz dont make it big like that

Sry. And I mean a mobile phone. 

oh, what is it doing?

??? 😅 Oh don't care. Have worked on the file a bit and fixed the bug. 

oh, ok

I've been trying to download this game but it always stops near the end.... Is this a problem for me only?

What version? (Pc, mac, or mobile)

Im trying to download the pc version. Though I did finally download it but not in my computer but rather from my phone en transfer it to my pc. 

your Discord Server link isn't working ?




I'm curious, are you open to having a proofreader? I'm barely into the story (first Calculus class) and have noticed quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes. I'm happy to help if you need it.

Sure! That would help alot as i'm still learning spelling and grammer. Is developer mode still active?

Err... Developer mode? Are you talking about Ren'py?

Yeah,  do Ctrl + D

I figured it out, I think. Though I'll try Ctrl+D to see what that does; I've only used Shift+O. However, I'm editing the script now. 

Ok well i have found out that renpy's auto setting for the developer mode dosent work and you have to manually do it so i will have to make a 4.1 to fix the open developer mode. But what i was going to do is just send you a copy of the game with the devolper mode enabled so that you can pin point the exact line that i fucked up in. You will get a "cheat" version if you will of the game and in exchange you will help me correct spelling and grammer (I'll also add your name to the credits) is this fine?

oof I don't know if I just missed this or something but is this visual novel nsfw?

it's a visual novel and it's going to contain nsfw content a eventually

What is a special Code? And where can I get a special Code? 

lol fr I'm trying to cop those codes too XD

I don't have that much codes but u can use the code "cheats" For 10 affection points (I don't know if it will crash it but it shouldn't) 


oml i love the second part so much! maybe ill try the artist thingy b uwu

:0 did u make the second part of the game (sorry i saw you updated it) ALSO EVERYONE THAT IS READING THIS PLAY THE GAME!! ITS AMAZING!! aaaaaa!

yea i accidentally skipped update 2 and went to 3.5. (It should be 1.5 right now) But i was gonna fix it but i would have had to rename everything and that was to much effort. Next update will be 2.0

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Love the game, keep up the good work!

If you need any help with fixing the grammatical errors, I'd be happy to help!

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I usually upload it into whattpad and fix it there but last update i was running late so i rushed it out, thanks for the offer though

Hello I'm really enjoying the game so far but there are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. I also think the kitchen could use a better picture for the background and that a little bit more detail is needed to some of the characters lines but other than that it's a good game.

Thank you for feed back! It really helps :3


looking forward to the next update:)